Have you seen the prices in resale shops lately?

‘Donate goods for the
greater good.’
             -Portland Tribune

‘Gentle Disposition  helping
elders and families make
housing transitions’
-Principal Broker Northwest
  • Delivery to local
    community nonprofits
  • Detailed Photographs
  • Itemized lists of values
  • Donation pickup
  • Nonprofit receipts
  • IRS form 8283
'DoughNation wins tax
deductions for clients’
-Portland Business Journal
Turn the nice things you no longer use into great tax
deductions for you -
and greater good for your community
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'Best $200 I ever spent!'
- Nick R., Portland
Customer since 2008

'We get great tax deductions,
it's so easy, and it helps me
share the spirit of giving with
my kids!'
- KariAnn A., Portland
Customer since 2003
You can deduct resale shop prices for the nice things you donate.  
Have more than $500 in donations?  You need
donate more than $500 in clothing and household goods, so you
can feel confident claiming the full value of your donation -
get tax deductions
worth up to 4 times your cost of service!